Research Assistants

Laura Brongers

After graduating high school I started an orientation year in visual arts at MK24. There, I followed classes in all directions within visual art, such as ceramics, 3D printing, photography and graphic design. Thereafter, I studies Nutrition and Dietetics at the HvA. After this first year (propedeuse) in HBO I continued at the UvA to study Psychology. My own development made me realize that I wanted to learn more about development of people in general. Therefore I choose the specialization Clinical Developmental Psychology. Currently I am working as a research assistant at the Habit Lab on a study about aging, which fits well with my curiosity
in development. Next year I want to study psychometrics so I can start the Behavioral Data
Science master.

Dugcem Kurt

Last year, I received my bachelor’s degree in Clinical Psychology at the University of Amsterdam. For my bachelor thesis I studied the influence of working memory load and stress on habit formation in young people. It has made me very curious about the biological and psychological processes that might play a role in the learning and unlearning of habits. Currently, I am working as a Habit Lab research assistant on a project about the relationship between aging and habit formation.

Toon Renssen

After receiving a BA in Classical Languages with a minor in Hittite, I am now completing a BSc in Psychology; I intend to end the spring ‘19 semester with a BSc in both Clinical Neuropsychology and Brain and Cognition. In addition to tutoring Latin, Greek and Dutch, I work as a research assistant in the Habit Lab at the University of Amsterdam. The current project looks at the role of age in the formation of habits.

Caitlin TauberIn

2019, I graduated from the Research Master’s Psychology programme at the University of Amsterdam. During my last year as a student, I worked as a scanning assistant at the Spinoza Centre for Neuroimaging. In addition to my interest in psychological research I’m fascinated by clinical cases of neuropsychological disorders. Therefore, I combined my Research Master with a master in Clinical Neuropsychology. Currently, I’m working as a psychological research assistant at the Habit Lab, where I will help conduct an fMRI study on the neural correlates of habit making and breaking. As I enjoy combining research and clinical work, I’m also working as a researcher and practitioner at PsyQ mental health services.

Kim Ursem

This year I started the specialisation Clinical Neuropsychology at the University of Amsterdam. Throughout the specialisation programme, we study cognitive domains, neuropsychological tests and neuropsychiatric diseases. I am intrigued by the relationship between behaviour and the mind, and this made me interested in knowing more about the biological and psychological processes that underlie habits. Currently, I am working at the Habit Lab as a research assistant on a project about the relationship between aging and the formation of habits.

Julia Zegeling

After graduating high school I started studying Psychology here at the UvA. Now I’m in my third bacheloryear, and started the specialisation of Clinical Psychology. At the Habitlab I’m working as a research-assistent on a project about the relation between aging and the formation of habits. The study has a lot of aspects which are closely related to my specialisation, therefore I find it really interesting to contribute to this project, and have a closer look into what is actually happening behind all those research articles.