poppyPoppy Watson


Email: poppy.watson@unsw.edu.au



Poppy gained her PhD in April 2016 under joint supervision of Sanne de Wit (Habit Lab, Clinical Psychology, UvA), Prof. Reinout Wiers (Developmental Psychopathology, UvA), and Prof. Bernhard Hommel (Cognitive Psychology, Leiden University). She then worked as a post doc in the Habit Lab. Since September 2017 Poppy has been working at UNSW, Sydney as a post doc in the labs of Mike Le Pelley and Steve Most.

The research interests of Poppy lie at the intersection of motivation, attention and choice behaviour. The mechanisms that underlie reward-seeking behavior are investigated in both healthy individuals and patient populations and this research aims to understand how and why maladaptive and compulsive reward seeking behavior arises (i.e. as seen in addiction and obesity). Key concepts: associative learning, reward, attention, control, addiction, habits, goal-directed, Pavlovian-instrumental transfer, EEG, eye tracking, fMRI, DTI.

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