New article on habit-predisposing factors and wellbeing

Habit-predisposing factors that are positively associated with mental wellbeing and quality of life

The present study set out to examine how individual differences in quality of life (QoL) and mental well-being (MWB) in older adults (N = 1116, 55 – 92 years old) relate to the inclination to engage in strategic planning and lifestyle regularity. Importantly, the beneficial effects of these two habit-predisposing factors on MWB and QoL were found to be mediated by conscientiousness, a personality trait characterized by a tendency to be goal-oriented, organized, responsible and disciplined, and to plan for the future

Brinkhof, L.P., Ridderinkhof, K.R., Bieleke, M., Murre, J.M.J., Krugers, H.J., & de Wit, S. Are Older Individuals Predisposed to Habitual Control More Resilient? Current Psychology