Grant awarded: addressing knowledge gaps in oral health interventions

Through the Theme-based Collaboration program, the University of Amsterdam aims to innovate research and education through collaboration, both between disciplines within the UvA and with external partners. The theme ‘Healthy Future’ involves mental and physical health in relation to cultural factors, behaviour, participation in society and the realisation of equal opportunities. Within this theme, we were awarded a Seed Grant to collaborate with the Faculty of Dentistry (ACTA).

The ORAHabit-study: Addressing Knowledge Gaps in Oral Health Interventions

The ORAHabit-study is a collaboration between Dr. Sanne de Wit (Psychology, UvA) and Dr. Catherine Volgenant (ACTA: Academic Center Dentistry Amsterdam). We will translate insights from health psychology on behaviour change and habits to the domain of oral health. The ultimate aim is to improve oral hygiene intervention programs. The seed grant will fund an intervention study to investigate incorporation of a new oral hygiene routine and the role of automatic processes. In follow-up studies, the research can be broadened to studying the effectiveness of a multi-faceted habit-based intervention in different socioeconomic groups.