Rita Vuyk Lecture: Dr Hogarth – April 20th!

Dr Lee Hogarth (Exeter University, UK) will give the Rita Vuyk lecture titled “What dimension of drug conditioning is most closely associated with individual differences in level of drug dependence? Identifying the core learning process in addiction” on Wednesday 20th April at 4pm in room G -1.08. Dr Lee Hogarth is an experimental psychologist studying the learning mechanisms that underpin human addictive behavior. At the intersection of behavioral neuroscience and clinical psychology he has systematically and critically examined the role that attention to external drug cues plays in the control of drug-seeking behavior, the decision processes by which external drug cues control drug-seeking behavior and the role of habits in addiction. During his lecture he will discuss recent research focused on identifying the core learning process(es) that underlie human addictive behavior.

Click here to visit Dr Hogarth’s personal website.