Advances in the Science of Habit meeting, Catalina Island 2015

During July 22-26, Sanne and Poppy attended the Advances in the Science Of Habits meeting on Catalina Island, that was organized by Wendy Wood, and supported by the University of Southern California and Templeton foundation. It was a truly inspiring meeting! And next to lots of interesting talks and discussions with experts on habit, swimming with leopard sharks was a bonus!

“In recent years, we are seeing remarkable advances in scientific understanding of the psychological and neural mechanisms behind habit learning and performance. These developments are evident in research in psychology, neuroscience, economics, consumer behavior, and health. Our conference provides an opportunity for researchers working within these different disciplines to present their work, exchange ideas, and potentially develop collaborations. The conference features basic research on the neuropsychological mechanisms behind habit formation and performance as well as research on the implications of habits for social behavior, marketing, and health.”

Link to conference: